atypical of most builders, mr. chandler's unique experiences brings an unusual skillset to the home building process.

builder of things

Mr. Chandler has maintained a dual-track career throughout most of his life having built successful businesses in both real estate development/construction and entertainment media.

His early years were spent painting new homes to pay for college and an emerging career in the music business culminating with the design and construction of what would become one of the nation’s more prolific mobile recording trucks. This operation would go on to provide live recording and broadcast services for the BBC, NBC, RKO and a countless radio stations producing shows featuring major-label rock/blues/country artists of national/international renown.


After the sale of this business in his mid-twenties, he would return to college to earn an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from Harvard. However, being a rather expensive endeavor on its own, Mr. Chandler found work to pay for school as a Project Manager building several of the largest night clubs in Cambridge and Boston.


With schooling behind him, he teamed up with friends to develop commercial property leading to the ownership of several fast-food operations including Wendy’s and Dunkin Donuts. Additionally, he opened the first climate-controlled self-storage business in New Hampshire which spawned another company that would go on to build over 200 such facilities across America for large operators such as Manhattan Mini-Storage, Public Storage, Storage USA and Extra Space as well as countless middle and small-sized operators from California to Minnesota to Florida to New England.     


With mid-life upon him, he sold off all his businesses and decided to invest the proceeds back into his first love – music. In 2003 he opened Studio Metronome, Inc. (AKA Metronome Multi Media). These comprise world-class fixed and mobile audio and HD video production facilities based out of his hilltop residence in Brookline NH. Focused primarily on the entertainment sector, Metronome has produced several hundred projects for major recording artists over the years. From live broadcasts/releases featuring artists like Dave Mathews Band, Ani Defranco, Bruce Hornsby and John Mayer or recently spending 18 months on the road traveling through 13 countries capturing a re-make of “Frampton Comes Alive” for Mr. Frampton, himself. Metronome has remained prolific and vital through the years and presently provides in-house video production services for Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford NH.          


In 2006, the decision was made to subdivide a 120 acre family owned parcel for the construction of 30 new homes in what is now known as Canney Hill Woods. In 2010, with sales languishing from the 2008 recession, Mr. Chandler dusted off his construction skills and built a beautifully designed and appointed model home for the subdivision. Local real estate agents implored Mr. Chandler that there was no way one could sell a new house in Brookline NH for over $400,000. By 2016, 27 of 30 lots have been sold for prices ranging $500K to $1 million proving that quality, style and craftsmanship are always in demand.

- Since 1986 Massachusetts Construction Supervisors license 044803 (unrestricted)

- Board of Selectmen, Brookline NH 1990-1996

- Voting Member: National Academy Recording Art & Sciences (The Grammy’s)

- 2000 Adoptive single father of beautiful son with multiple disabilities

- Married 2016 to Laura Flanagan