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designing and building a new home should be one of life's most fulfilling endeavors. 

GETTING STARTED. At first meeting we discuss general needs of the home – size, configuration, lot requirements, budget, etc. And then there’s more nebulous but important factors such as life-style, tastes and aesthetic. From this information we develop the first round of home plans and budget. At subsequent meetings we refine these until a final design, detailed specifications, schedule and contract have been negotiated.  

PLANNING & COMMUNICATION. You will find our documentation to be complete and thorough. In this sort of complex endeavor a comprehensive set of plans, specifications and contract leaves little to chance. These form the foundation upon which all project communication is built. 


We are wired and connected - email, text, phone. We are easy to talk to and always available. Every aspect of construction is carefully planned and executed. From executive level correspondence to accurate accounting, you’ll never be in the dark about where things stand with the construction of your new home.

TIMELINE. We’ll develop a timeline for critical events. This is used to to keep us all on-track and minimize the surprises. Importantly, you'll also know when you need to select your roofing, siding, cabinets, flooring, paint, etc. No mad scrambles. 

ON TIME ON BUDGET. Once underway, we'll deliver your new home on or before the day promised. We hate stress just as much as you and will do our darnedest to make sure this is a fun, stress-free process for all.

let's build

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